TriBBS Telnet Sites


Camelot BBS

telnet://       System Joe uses to test what he is working on

TriBBS Home Board - Will be up and running from time to time Beta testing the new Telnet Software.

Check Six 24/7

Running Wildcat but is a trouble-shooter Beta Tester for TriBBS.

If you got questions about Windows NT, this is your man!!! Joe an I were about to see much heat it takes to melt a Windows NT CD and Paul talked us right through the instillation process. Doubt we will ever know the outcome of the experiment unless we decide to build an Airplane, I bet Paul knows a thing or two about that also though !

Hall of Fame BBS

Node 1 - 330-456-0483   Node 2 - 330-456-0484


A Poorman's BBS




Product Updates

The latest TriBBS release was released on March 23, 2002. NEW! Now includes E-Mail Support!
For more information on updates to all our products, logon into our Support BBS!

Hot News!

TriBBS Utility CD Now Available!! Check it out today!!


All Programs are now only available in the PRO versions. If you have one of the programs (TriDog, Trimail, etc) which had a PRO Version let know and we will upgrade you to the PRO version for FREE!